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Teach fun classes to kids!

Why teach with us?

Educator first Policy.

Expand your practice 
Impact more kids (in small groups) with your life changing skills and coaching. Opportunity to engage with the students in 1:1 class later.
Use our assets for class ideas 
Need little more inspiration - we will work with you to procure the best curriculum the market so that you can get back to what you do best - teach.
High quality community
Join some of the best educators in the in the creative learning world and teach anything with SEL integrated in it. (Community coming soon)
Market with us
Paid-advertising for every new teacher that joins our platform. We will also help you with listing. Plus get free marketing tools for all your needs - grow with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

You get paid via paypal bi-weekly for every student & class that attended your class in that period of time. You have full transperency in terms of students/pricing etc. We charge a 30% fee for every student who books a class.

How do I teach individual classes or camps?

Individual classes or camps are offered at this time via invitation only. You can increase your chances by teaching multiple successful classes.

What online tools are used ?

To give maximum publicity to your class we use Eventbrite because it gives additional visibility to your class and Skype meeting solution is used for conducting the class.

Who can teach? Where do we get class ideas?

You must be an experienced educator or counsellor to teach with us. Programs equivalent to SecondStep, Sanford Harmony and many other App subscriptions are available for your inspiration - just ask.

How are classes priced? How many classes can we teach?

The minimum price point for the group classes is 15 USD per student, however you are able to price them higher. You can teach as many classes as you want. To spread awareness we recommend ONE free class.

What are the promotion tools available to me?

Affiliate coupons, discounts are available for everyone who would like to teach. In addition you have access to landing page & other lead-gen tools to publicize your class. We also do FB/Insta ads for every approved class.

Teacher Experience

"I love the possibility to augment my income by doing something that I absolutely love doing. Teaching & coaching young kids. I love the french language and its fun to teach it from France!

Sanghamitra, Winesutra

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